ICLDC "ReadAlongs" Workshop Documentation

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ICLDC “ReadAlongs” Workshop Documentation

Welcome, participants of the “‘Watch Me Speak!’ interactive storytelling using ReadAlong Studio” workshop! These documents will help you understand what Readalong Studio is and how to prepare for the workshop.

This workshop was presented at ICLDC 2023, March 2-5, 2023.

What is Readalong Studio?

Readalong Studio is a program (actually a collection of programs) to help you make and view online “read-along” and “sing-along” audiobooks for language and literacy education. As the audio plays, the word currently being spoken is highlighted, and the student can click on any word to hear it pronounced in isolation.

Screenshot of a read-along story in the Atikamekw language

You give the software two things, the text of the story, and a recording of someone speaking the story aloud. Inside, the software listens to the recording and tries to guess the exact time when each word starts and stops. (If you’ve ever used audio software like Audacity or ELAN, imagine measuring the exact time when every word starts and stops. You could totally do this, but it takes a long time and can be tedious; it usually takes about an hour to measure a minute of speech!) Our software’s guesses aren’t perfect, but it can make these guesses in seconds.

What do I need to prepare before the workshop?

We’ve covered this in the Workshop Preparation page.

How about during the workshop?

Just make sure you are registered for ICLDC 2023 and check the schedule to make sure you come to the right room at the right time!